Introduction Webinar

Evolutionary Microservices enabled by AxonIQ


Join us for an introduction webinar about Evolutionary Microservices, the theory behind it, the vision, and a live online demonstration of our event/message-driven application architecture.

We will cover:

  • The history of event sourcing application architectures and the challenges they present
  • Vision for the future: Reactive Programming, Messaging, and beyond
  • Introduction to AxonIQ technologies - best tools for complex event sourcing systems in a dynamic business environment
  • Live demo of a domain seamlessly integrated into the Axon stack diagram
  • Witness Commands, Events, Queries and Event-Sourcing in action
  • Evolution of the demo app: Breaking down components into individual applications
  • AxonIQ Console registration for a streamlined and efficient system

Register to attend and receive a recording after the webinar.

For whom is it?
This webinar is an introduction to the world we are in as AxonIQ. It's for developers, architects, CTO's and CIO's that are interested in concepts like Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS), and Event Sourcing. We will dive into and show (demo) how to build architectures for event-driven or message-driven applications. Explaining the benefits of choosing Axon rather than, for example, Kafka in combination with a database acting as an event store.
Evolutionary microservices, beyond event-driven
Microservices offer power but pose challenges, particularly in designing them optimally. We advocate an evolutionary method, beginning with a monolith and gradually transitioning to microservices as requirements demand, ensuring the right design.

To achieve this, applications must extend beyond event-driven architecture. We classify message types into Events, Commands, and Queries, each fulfilling distinct roles with specific expectations and routing characteristics.

This strategy ensures location transparency, facilitating smooth migration between monoliths and microservices while safeguarding core business logic.


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Ben Runchey

Ben Runchey is a Solutions Engineer at AxonIQ specializing in helping customers harness the full potential of Axon Server and Axon Framework. With 15 years of experience in event-sourcing, event-driven architectures and 5+ years with AxonIQ technologies, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He's passionate about systems that utilize events to capture business value. Customers are in capable hands with Ben's expertise, whether implementing event-driven architectures or leveraging the Axon ecosystem. Outside of work, Ben resides in Minneapolis, where he enjoys spending quality time with his family.