This is AxonIQ

Our story

It all started in 2009 with our CTO and founder, Allard Buijze.

As a software architect, Allard specialized in software scalability. Recurring performance and flexibility issues convinced him of the need for a solid domain model to build high-performance applications. Allard embraced event-driven systems theory and created the open-source Axon Framework. His goal was to make flexible, high-performance software simpler to produce and available to all.

Building on this, eight years later, AxonIQ was founded to develop enterprise-class tools, techniques, and services with support for event-driven organizations. Today, Axon Framework and Axon Server enable a fast-growing international ecosystem of organizations to develop scalable, high-performance applications for their use cases. The AxonIQ team of developers, architects, and specialists supports and allows customers to build and develop world-class applications and services with the support of the AxonIQ Console.

With millions of downloads and thousands of GitHub stars, the original Axon Framework has grown into an entire ecosystem of event-driven tools, techniques, and services maintained and curated under the expert supervision and guidance of AxonIQ.


Our vision

Significantly improve custom software development for complex systems in rapidly changing environments across the globe.

Our mission

Building an organization with the brightest minds in the industry and empowerment through a strong culture that is based on trust and as few rules as possible.

Our values

Our company values express our strong collective and individual commitment, and provide practical guidance to our workforce, our suppliers, and business partners in how we conduct business worldwide. Our values are based on the following principles:

  • Take initiative, make mistakes and learn
  • Listen and talk with customers
  • Respect others and yourself
  • Serious fun
  • Thought leadership
  • Be and act ambitious
  • Quality first
Our people
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Our partners
The AxonIQ partner network leverages Axon Framework & Axon Server technology to develop, build and deploy applications and services for customers.