Axon Synapse

Bridging the power of Axon messaging across languages and platforms

Axon Synapse makes it possible for all applications, regardless of language, to access Axon Server. This solution enables all developers to harness the power of the Axon platform to run their developed applications using Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS), Message-Driven Microservices Architecture, and Event Sourcing (ES). So regardless of your application, programming language, framework, or platform – you have Axon on your side.

Axon Synapse serves as the key to a multilingual Axon Server

Axon Synapse simplifies your team’s process by eliminating the need for a specific connector for each language. Axon Synapse utilizes HTTP to grant your application access to Axon Server. HTTP is the most commonly used and known protocol supported by many languages and provides easy access and integration. Axon Synapse can be used in new diverse application landscapes, such as FaaS (Function as a Service), which is often used to deploy microservices, also known as “serverless” or “scale to zero” environments.


Interoperability with Axon Synapse

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Axon messaging across all languages and platforms
Full interoperability for Axon Server.

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Application-driven and technology agnostic
Open with a focus on all applications.

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Payload agnostic
Giving your application complete control.

Languages & Platforms

Java & other JVM languages







Google Cloud Functions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda

Microsoft Azure Functions

Other languages & platforms

Axon Synapse helps us to connect our Axon-based applications to our serverless components seamlessly.”

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