Customer briefs

How our customers solve complex technical challenges.
Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam (ETPA)
Global bank
Global automotive manufacturer

Use case briefs

How you can solve complex technical challenges with AxonIQ.
Machine learning
Transactional processing
Central registry

Energy trading infrastructure

Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam (ETPA) has built an energy trading platform compliant with Dutch and European regulatory requirements, ready for scalability and reliability, and able to expand into Europe to adopt new business models and expand operations. They used Axon Server and Axon Framework to achieve that.

Digital marketing services

Locala acquired a mobile display advertising platform and wanted to build a scalable, maintainable application and guarantee some evolvability. They used the Axon stack and the AxonIQ organization's expertise during the solution's design and development.

Global bank

This Global Bank (GB)’s Commercial & Corporate Investment Banking group took advantage of an event-driven microservices approach to develop and modernize their keystone Application.

Global automotive manufacturer

This global automotive manufacturer (GAM) decided to modernize one of their monolithic applications running on a mainframe. It was related to an existing Vehicle Monitor & Control System (VMACS). They agreed that the next iteration needed to be developed using proven software architecture design principles (like DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing).


Linckr offers a consumer-oriented platform that connects consumers with service providers, facilitating safe, fast, and straightforward information exchange. Linckr provides service providers with authenticated digital data, eliminating customers' need for repeated data entry.

Machine learning

For Machine Learning (ML) applications, Axon Server with Axon Synapse allows for the evolution of machine learning models in real-time, adapting to new data as it flows through the system.

Transactional processing

Developers often think of database transactions as the primary type of transaction. However, other non-atomic and non-technical transactions also exist in most businesses. These transactions can have varying durations and require appropriate technology and design for effective management. At AxonIQ, we help customers deal with complex business transactions through our tools and expertise.

Central registry

A central registry is critical for the proper administration of any organization. In a commercial or government environment, central registries must operate organized and compliantly. AxonIQ offers the best single source of truth auditing platform for central registries.


Companies across markets such as finance, logistics, healthcare, retail, and government develop their payment systems with AxonIQ application development tools, infrastructure, and services. Companies have a complete audit trail using event sourcing to ensure these payments are correct.


The world is shrinking due to globalization and internationalization. Supply and demand are tested globally on a daily basis. Competition is fierce, and business optimization is critical to the bottom line. AxonIQ helps companies develop the proper logistical infrastructure to track and trace goods and optimize the supply chain, distribution, shipping, administration, and payments.


Companies use the latest technologies, such as machine learning and AI, with AxonIQ products. They use our solutions to analyze their data to build and improve their online marketplaces and e-commerce sites. Companies can better predict and further optimize their businesses by looking at customer behavior, supply versus demand, customer experience, and product trends.


Start-ups, scale-ups, and even larger company departments begin with the AxonIQ purpose-built event-thinking platform. With our open-source offerings, companies develop applications from scratch or even turn legacy monoliths into decoupled scalable modern microservices systems.

Customer quotes

We compared the old and new situation and saw a 2400% performance gain using the Axon stack”
Shopey Mossavar-Rahmani
Senior Principal Software Engineer, large Swedish furniture retailer
Thanks to Axon Framework and Axon Server, we could focus on the business logic, and not worry about technicalities.
Laurent Thoulon
Senior Lead Engineer, Locala
Having the auditors over now, thanks to having Axon and Event Sourcing, it’s a breeze.”
Premanand Chandrasekaran
Distinguished Engineer and Group Lead, Barclays US
Axon Framework and Axon Server provide the technical building blocks for CQRS services with event sourcing and allow to focus on what is important for the business: the business code.”
Frédéric Bouvet
Head of Innovation Software development, Slimpay
I’m blown away by the AxonIQ support team. They offered us effortless support by owning the analysis and solution. No need to chase them for answers!“
Laura Devriendt
Software Developer, Lemon
Our auditor never saw such a good process and tech stack. The transparency and speed of audit trails we could provide was beyond anything they had ever seen.”
Leon van Dooren
Managing Partner, Linckr
We have used Axon Framework and Axon Server for many years as the basis for our energy trading platform infrastructure.”
Jorrit Nijholt
Chief Technology Officer, ETPA
In the current Axon Server instance in development, we have around 180 contexts in parallel. They are not all active (because it is dev), but it is massive. It is crystal clear that there is not a lot of demonstration needed to show why we need Axon Server. In all the domains we tackle, we need a lot of traceability."
Jérôme Revillard
Chief Technical Officer, Be-ys Group

Companies rely on Axon for mission-critical applications

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