Use cases

  • Payments
  • Central Registry
  • Logistics
  • E-Commerce
  • Start-ups

Keep track of every penny

Companies across markets such as finance, logistics, healthcare, retail, and government develop their payment systems with AxonIQ application development tools, infrastructure, and services. By using event sourcing, companies have a complete audit trail to ensure that these payments are correct. Here some examples:

In practice

Axon Architecture: Theory and Reality
DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing in Trade Finance
Barclays: Microservices from the trenches
Barclays: Microservices from the trenches II
Building the Bank of the Future
Benefits of Using EDA in Business

Be compliant

A central registry is critical for the proper administration of any organization. Whether it is in a commercial or government environment, central registries must operate in an organized and compliant manner. AxonIQ offers the best single source of truth auditing platform for central registries.

In practice

Event sourcing in the Public Sector
Child Benefit System Implementation

Supply chain optimization with Axon

The world is shrinking due to globalization and internationalization. Supply and demand is tested globally on a daily basis. Competition is fierce and business optimization is key to the bottom line. AxonIQ helps companies develop the right logistical infrastructure to track and trace goods and optimize supply chain, distribution, shipping, administration, and payments.

In practice

Using EDA to support customer success

Optimize your business

Companies use the latest technologies, such as machine learning and AI with AxonIQ products. They use our solutions to analyze their data to build and improve their online marketplaces and e-commerce sites. By looking at customer behavior, supply versus demand, customer experience, and product trends, companies can better predict and further optimize their businesses.

In practice

Property based integration and Axon applications
Using Axon Framework in the energy trading engine

Start your projects with Axon

Start-ups, scale-ups, and even larger company departments begin with the AxonIQ purpose-built event-thinking platform. With our open source offerings, companies develop applications from scratch or even turn legacy monoliths into decoupled, scalable modern microservices systems.

In practice

Axon Architecture: Theory and Reality
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