AxonIQ Cloud

A fully-managed Axon Server environment, providing dedicated messaging and event storage

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AxonIQ Cloud is Axon Server, made easier. AxonIQ Cloud simplifies the process of connecting Axon Framework applications to Axon Server with a fully managed, zero-configuration setup. Just simply create your workspace, choose contexts, and bind your applications with the provided configuration to start. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, our developers will manage the rest.

Pay as you grow

With AxonIQ Cloud, your team can reap all the benefits of Axon Server, but at a price that works for your team and needs. AxonIQ Cloud offers multiple context types with different prices. The price consists of a monthly base fee and a price per message – the more messages you use, the less you pay per message.


Access from anywhere

The fully-managed environment of AxonIQ Cloud means there’s no need to worry about security or network. Our team has you covered. With the ability to access your AxonIQ Cloud from anywhere with security already in place, you’ll have complete control over who can access your space(s).


Self-service provisioning

Self-service onboarding

Fully Managed Service

Easy pricing - pay as you grow

Stay on top of you costs


Shared, private and custom clusters

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Other cloud platforms will follow

Roles (Admin, Developer, Viewer)

Secure access from anywhere

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