Domain-Driven Design
Domain-Driven Design (DDD) defines many concepts and patterns that help design software effectively and in line with the business requirements. Axon separates infrastructural concerns from the domain logic, which, combined with DDD best practices, keeps complexity to a minimum.
Event Sourcing
Event Sourcing is a pattern for data storage, where instead of storing the current state of any entity, all past changes to that state are stored. With Axon Framework, you can implement Event Sourcing with minimal boilerplate code, giving you the benefits of Event Sourcing without the hassle.
Command-Query Responsibility Separation
Command-Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS) is an architectural pattern that prescribes a strict split within an application, isolating the command and query components from one another. AxonIQ provides the necessary building blocks and infrastructure to build and run these components and to dispatch messages (commands, events, and queries) to the correct destination within an application.
Microservices is a distinctive architectural style that has become popular in recent years as businesses aim to become more agile. The Microservices approach breaks development down into manageable segments, improving efficiency and reducing the time required for new deployments. Microservices architecture is popular for greenfield development projects, but it can also be applied to traditional applications post-launch.

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