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Evolutionary microservices
beyond event-driven

Microservices are powerful but come with challenges. One of these challenges is to get the design exactly right. We strongly believe in an evolutionary approach to microservices: start with a monolith and evolve this monolith into microservices when the need exceeds the additional burden.

To accomplish this, applications need to go beyond event-driven. While events are essential, they are not sufficient on their own. We categorize message types into three categories: Events, Commands, and Queries. Each type serves a specific purpose, carries certain expectations, and possesses unique routing characteristics.

This approach achieves location transparency, enabling seamless migration between monoliths and microservices without compromising the core business logic.

Allard Buijze
Founder and CTO
Does your event-driven application scale, really? It is not just about events, your database, or your cloud.
We compared the old and new situation and saw a 2400% performance gain using Axon.”
Shopey Mossavar-Rahmani
Senior Principal Software Engineer,
Large Swedish furniture retailer
Is your application auditable, really? It is not just about a history table or change data capture.
Having the auditors over now, thanks to having Axon and Event Sourcing, it’s a breeze.”
Premanand Chandrasekaran
Distinguished Engineer and Group Lead,
Barclays US
Can you predictably and efficiently add new features to your enterprise application, really? It is not just about agile or microservices.
Embracing Axon for our event-driven microservices environment has been a game-changer for us. Its flexibility is unparalleled, allowing our business to effortlessly adapt and innovate."
Tom Clabon
Senior Principle Software Architect, iManage
Does your team spend the vast majority of time on business functionality, really? They are not wasting time on technical issues?
Thanks to Axon Framework and Axon Server, we could focus on the business logic and not worry about technicalities.”
Laurent Thoulon
Senior Lead Engineer, Locala
Does your application provide your AI with the correct data, really? Are your valuable data scientists wasting their time as data jockeys?
When it comes to sophisticated AI-use cases (e.g., reinforcement AI), event-sourcing shines. With Axon Server and Axon Synapse, you have excellent software to build this.”
Ferhat Ayaz
Senior AI Software Consultant, Holisticon

Axon software

Your solution for future-proof applications

New Pricing and UI!

Axon Server

Axon Server provides out-of-the-box message routing and an event store for message-driven applications.
Used by enterprises requiring:
  • Much more than an event store
  • Optimization for messaging
  • Zero configuration for easy deployment
  • Exceptional performance and scalability
  • Robust Data protection

Axon Framework

Axon Framework is the structure for the JVM that assists developers in implementing message-driven applications.
Used by developers and architects to:
  • Jumpstart development without reinventing the wheel
  • Build robust, distributed enterprise systems
  • Leverage open source, cost-free, and ready for immediate use
  • Accelerate time to market
New user interface!

AxonIQ Console

AxonIQ Console is designed to get the most out of your application designed with and for the Axon software stack. AxonIQ Console simplifies a complex enterprise application infrastructure by providing insight, management, control, and reporting.
Used by developers and operations to manage:
  • Axon Framework built applications
  • Axon Server Clusters
  • Various AxonIQ Cloud deployments

Companies rely on Axon for mission-critical applications

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