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AxonIQ is a software development organization; since 2017, it has been engaged in developing solutions for developers to realize scalable IT applications. The Axon Framework, which has been in production for over a decade, is the Java developer's go-to framework for implementing domain-driven design, event sourcing, and CQRS. Axon Server does what Axon Framework does for developers for DevOps: increases the operational efficiency and reliability of event-based solutions. Meanwhile, AxonIQ Cloud Axon Server takes it to the cloud while bypassing the need for physical infrastructure or maintenance.

The organization currently has approximately 60 employees, spread over several countries and continents. In the HR field, the organization is still in its infancy, and we are looking for an experienced HR Business Partner who likes to build an Employee Value Proposition from scratch that matches the organization's objectives. The HR department currently consists of a VP of HR and an HR Director. The payroll administration is presently outsourced to an external party.

To support on the operational and tactical level, we are looking for an HR Business Partner. The focus areas in the new role of HR BP are in the areas:

  • Personnel management;
  • Employment conditions, performance and health management, and employment law
  • Personnel planning and provision;
  • Staff development.

What are you going to do?

  • Organizing personnel-administrative actions for the benefit of personnel administration, registration, and process-related activities about inflow, mobility, and outflow. The purpose of this is that personal data is registered and made accessible to management and employees;
  • Contribute to a reward system that fits the activities and vision of the organization;
  • Contribute to the design of a performance management system and the associated processes;
  • Contribute to the development of an employment conditions package and apply it in such a way that the attractiveness of AxonIQ as an employer matches the interest of future employees;
  • Contribute to a safe and healthy working environment.

What talents and core qualities do you take with you?

  • You look for opportunities and take action on them. You prefer to act on your initiative rather than passively wait;
  • You are aware of the effects of choices, decisions, and/or activities on the entire organisation and parts thereof (Organisational awareness):
  • You are able to communicate ideas and information in a clear and correct language, in such a way that the essence comes across to others and is understood;
  • As a professional, you will not be put off by adversity and will look for opportunities that do work;
  • As a connector you will always look for synergy and compromise, and you know how to get your environment on board.

What do you bring in terms of knowledge and experience?

  • Demonstrable completed education in the field of Business Administration / HRM / Personnel & Organization or related;
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Dutch current laws and regulations including working conditions legislation, employment conditions, and dismissal law;
  • HBO working and thinking level;
  • A good understanding of both writing and in word of English and Dutch language is a must;
  • At least 5 years of work experience in a similar role;
  • Knowledge of personnel management systems, preferably Loket.

Do you recognize yourself in the above profile and / or do you want to know more about the organization or the vacancy?

Send your resume and motivation to petra.wolter@axoniq.io 

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