Axon Server in the Cloud

Mar 10, 2022
16:00 - 17:00 CET

In this webinar, we explain how to connect an Axon Framework application to our Axon Server instances in the Cloud.

We start with some basic Domain-Driven Design, Event sourcing, and Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS) principles.
Next, you’ll see how Axon Server works based on these principles.
Then it’s time to look at the AxonIQ Cloud features and how you can connect an Axon Framework application to AxonIQ Cloud with a live demo.

If you would like to explore AxonIQ Cloud, please visit  https://developer.axoniq.io/axoniq-cloud/overview


Looking forward to seeing you there.


Let us know via marina@axoniq.io and we will get back in touch asap.

Sara Torrey - Software Developer

Sara is a self-taught backend developer with an interest in DDD, event sourcing and Axon Framework. She has worked with various programming languages and frameworks, including Java and Spring Boot.

Sara Torrey

Yvonne Ceelie - Senior Software Engineer

Yvonne has more than two decades of experience and is passionate about Java and the Spring Framework. She focuses on helping companies to use and implement the Axon Framework.

Yvonne Ceelie