Intro to Event-Driven Microservices using DDD, CQRS & Event Sourcing


Join our one-hour hands-on webinar, where one of our developers will provide a quick introduction to the basics of Axon.

This webinar will introduce you to various software architectural concepts, such as DDD, CQRS, and Message-Driven Architecture, and we will explain the basics of the Axon Framework. You'll be provided with some practical examples during the presentation

In this webinar, we’ll examine:

  • Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
  • Command-Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS)
  • Event Sourcing
  • Microservices
  • Axon Framework Fundamentals

For this webinar you’ll need a good understanding of Java and Spring


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Christian Vermorken

Software Engineer. For Axon Framework and an advocate for DDD, CQRS and event sourcing. Christian advocates the event-driven approach to free up organizations to focus on working for their customers.


Sara Torrey

Software Developer. Sara is a self-taught backend developer with an interest in DDD, event sourcing and Axon Framework. She has worked with various programming languages and frameworks, including Java and Spring Boot.


Steven van Beelen

Lead Developer - Axon Framework. Steven has a keen interest in Axon Framework and how it approaches software architecture. He helps small and large clients build Axon applications, provides training, develops the framework and is active in the Axon community. Broader interests include domain driven design, messaging patterns and event sourcing.