Training courses

    The AxonIQ Learning Path

    Education is a key value for AxonIQ. We are constantly educating developers and improving their skills with our courses. The AxonIQ Learning Path consists of a series of webinars, hands-on training, a combination of theory and labs that will help you understand how to use Axon in a distributed environment  and how to scale your application.

    1. Peak your interest with our Intro Webinar.
    2. Learn the basics with our Full Axon Training.
    3. Discover more for Axon Server in a dedicated Axon Server Training.
    4. Dive in more specific content with our specialized Webinars or ask our experts in one of our AMA sessions.
    5. Get certified with our Academy.
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    Ask Me Anything Session
    Ask Me Anything - February 2022
    With  Bert Laverman

    Duration: 2x2.5 hours spread over two days Time: 15:00 - 17:30 CEST  (9 AM - 11:30 AM EDT) Can't join all ...

    It’s new tools, new techniques, and new services.