The AxonIQ Learning Path

    Education is key. Whether you're new to Microservices or a seasoned expert, it always pays to keep up with developments and broaden your horizons. The AxonIQ Learning Path offers webinars, hands-on training, and a combination of theory and labs to help you use Axon in a distributed environment and scale your application.

    Choose how you would like explore your Axon learning journey:

    • Get introduced to the basics with the Intro Webinar.
    • Gain a deeper understanding with the Axon Training.
    • Discover more for Axon Server in a dedicated Axon Server Training.
    • Enrich your knowledge with AxonIQ Academy.
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    Our next Intro Webinar will be hosted on:

    Date: September 7, 2023
    Time:  16:00 CEST (10 am EDT)
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    This 4-day training covers the DDD, CQRS, and event sourcing theory, explaining the basic concepts for implementing a service using Axon.

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    Start learning today at your own pace, and get certified.

    It’s new tools, new techniques, and new services.