Introduction to Axon Synapse

We're happy to announce the first public release, version 0.6.0 of Axon Synapse.

Axon Synapse

Bridging the power of Axon messaging across languages and platforms. Axon Synapse serves as the key to a multilingual Axon Server. Axon Synapse uses HTTP to give your application access to Axon Server. HTTP is the most commonly used and known protocol supported by many languages and provides easy access and integration.


Features & Benefits

  • Axon messaging across all languages and platforms, full interoperability for Axon Server.
  • Application-driven and technology agnostic, open with a focus on all applications.
  • Payload agnostic, giving your application complete control.
  • Seamless integration with Axon Framework applications using Axon Server
  • Access to a diverse application landscape, such as FaaS (Function as a Service), serverless, or scale-to-zero environments.

More information

The Axon Synapse Product Page can be found here.

You can get started with Axon Synapse here.


Contact us via our AxonIQ Discuss platform or directly here.

Marc Gathier
Marc has years of experience in product and custom development in various languages. He is interested in building high-performance, high-volume applications in distributed environments. He is also focused on creating functionality that is important to users of the products. From his previous experience, he has a strong interest in machine learning.
Marc Gathier