Why Event Sourcing Means Big Gains for Financial Services

15 min

AxonIQ offers the world’s only purpose-built event-thinking platform. Underpinned by Axon Server, a distributed event-sourced database and message routing solution, and Axon Framework, a developer API used to implement event-driven systems, the Axon platform helps you build big gains for digital-native applications for modern financial services organizations.

It covers

  • The drivers of digital transformation in financial services
  • Building a brand new, agile banking system from scratch
  • The challenge for financial services
  • Escaping the monolithic roadblock
  • Barclaycard breaks monolithic systems into microservices to  increase agility and reduce friction
  • Rethinking financial services tech with ‘event sourcing’
  • What does AxonIQ offer you?
Allard Buijze
Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Allard is a global thought-leader on event sourcing. He is a recognised expert with more than 20 years experience, including microservices, event sourcing and event-driven architecture. Allard advocates for better collaboration between developers and business.
Allard Buijze