Cornerstones of a successful and sustainable CQRS/ES implementation

10 min

Design, Build and Run

As an organization, you decided that your next project will adopt Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing (ES). The kickoff party is complete, people are excited about the new technology stack being adopted and there is a tearing hurry to move towards implementation. Then you hit a fundamental question - How do you implement this? This document will clarify how.

We'll cover

  • The different cornerstones for implementing CQRS/ES.
  • Design, Develop and Run.
  • How to implement CQRS/ES in a successful and sustainable way.

Allard Buijze

Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Allard is a global thought-leader on event sourcing. He is a recognized expert with more than 20 years experience, including microservices, event sourcing and event-driven architecture. Allard advocates for better collaboration between developers and business.


Vijay Nair

Architect, DDD, CQRS, and event sourcing evangelist. Vijay is author of "Practical Domain-Driven Design with Enterprise Java" and a prolific writer and presenter on DDD, CQRS, and event sourcing.

Vijay Nair