GraphQL and Axon, a powerful combination

10 min

GraphQL it’s a good match!

You probably want to connect a frontend application to your backend at some point. While this can be considered just an implementation detail from the backend point of view, it’s worth looking into GraphQL as we think it’s a powerful combination. This subject is specifically interesting because for ‘normal’ CRUD applications there are a lot of standards available, most based on REST, but not so much for CQRS systems.

We'll cover

  • Using GraphQL for CQRS systems
  • Creating front-end APIs
  • Mapping Axon messages to a GraphQL schema
  • Implementing queries, mutations, and subscriptions
Gerard Klijs
Software Engineer. With over 10 years of experience as a backend engineer, Gerard Klijs is a contributor to several GraphQL libraries, and also the creator and maintainer of a Rust library to use Confluent Schema Registry. He has an interest in event sourcing and CQRS and likes sharing knowledge via blogs, talks, and demo projects.
Gerard Klijs