Axon Server

Run modern applications seamlessly with zero-configuration message routing and event storage

Axon Server is our custom-built scalable and highly available event store and message delivery system, which coordinates the communication between components, considering the expectations for each type of message: commands, events, and queries. This allows systems to evolve as their functional or technical needs change over time. Furthermore, Axon Server can track all changes as a reliable source of truth, guaranteed to contain the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Brand new user interface

Axon Server has been updated with the following improvements:
  • Clearer system overview
  • Scheduled events overview
  • System health monitoring
  • Improved search
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Dark mode

Message routing and event store in one

Axon Server is freely available to get started quickly and easily. Various other options are available for serious enterprise deployments to give you the assurance and functionality you need. The Enterprise functionality adds SLA-backed support, clustering, monitoring, and integration features to the free Axon Server – ensuring your application is ready for enterprise deployment. Expansion packs are available for security and compliance, global multi-data center deployments, and big-data applications.

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Zero configuration management

Microservices systems are often associated with complex configuration management. Setting up service discovery and message routing correctly is a time-consuming and error-prone task. Axon Server eliminates this complexity. Because it’s built for this purpose, it performs service discovery and message routing with zero configuration. It just works.

Real-time insight

In a complex microservices system, it can be hard to understand what’s going on when teams need to debug a problem. Axon Server helps: it automatically provides a graphical overview of our landscape, with drill-down functionality to get detailed information about message handlers. Also, it allows you to do ad hoc querying on events, extracting specific information from JSON or XML event payloads.

Easy scale-out

As your application becomes more successful, you may need to scale your service components horizontally. Axon Server makes it easy: spin up new instances, and Axon Server takes care of the rest. It detects multiple copies of the same service and deals with this correctly for commands, events, and queries. No matter whether you have two instances or 50.

Standard functionality

Zero-configuration messaging

Event store

Management UI

REST management API and CLI

Role-based access control for users and applications

Single node, context, application binding

Enterprise functionality

Zero-configuration messaging

Event store

Management UI

REST management API and CLI

Role-based access control for users and applications

Support for multiple application bindings

Consensus-based clustering

Multiple (bounded) contexts

Geographically distributed and/or localized contexts

Tiered storage, including ephemeral tiers

Event transformation API

Support for multi-tenant deployments

Authentication and authorization using LDAP/OAuth/OpenID Connect (Extension)

Support for Data Protection (Plugin)

AxonIQ Cloud
Experience the same great event-based application platform without operations, infrastructure, and ticket self-service onboarding.
Data protection shield v2-1-1
Axon Data Protection
Axon Data Protection uses cryptography on protected data without altering the data itself, allowing event streams to remain intact.
Axon Synapse
Axon Synapse uses HTTP to give applications access to Axon Server. Use the power of Axon messaging across more languages and platforms.

We compared the old and new situation and saw a 2400% performance gain using the Axon stack.”

Shopey Mossavar-Rahmani

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Large Swedish furniture retailer

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