Using Axon - Part 2 with Holisticon

Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey
Jan Galinski
Jan Galinski
Simon Zambrovski
Simon Zambrovski

In this second episode Simon Zambrovski and Jan Galinski of Holisticon continue to share their experiences of working with Axon Framework and Axon Server. They talk further about distributed scenarios, deployment strategies, and operation modes. Among the great topics covered, Simon details deployment strategies:

  • Monolithic Core
  • Distributed Core
  • Additional Projection
  • Orchestration

Jan then explained the six components of the Operation Modes:

  • Command Model
  • Command Client
  • Orchestrator
  • Query Model
  • Query Client
  • Event Subscriber

They also discuss some of the challenges that they have faced along the way and the solutions to these issues. 


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