State and the Future of AxonIQ Part 1: Company, Community, Education

Sara Torrey
Allard Buijze
Milen Dyankov
Milen Dyankov

Over the next two episodes, you'll hear excerpts of the “State and the Future of AxonIQ” presentation presented at AxonIQCon22 by CTO Allard Buijze and other colleagues.

This presentation highlighted the the changes within AxonIQ as a company and as a team, as well as the products in the past two years and those coming in the future. 

In this first portion of the talk, Allard spoke about AxonIQ, the team, and some of the changes that experienced  in recent years. He shared our passions, our goals, and what binds us all together.

After that, Milen Dyankov shared an update on the AxonIQ Developer Relations team. He highlights some important items on the Axon Academy, the Discuss platform, the website, and the ways the community can interact with us. He explains how everyone can contribute to our products, make suggestions, and request new features and improvements.


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