State and the Future of AxonIQ Part 2: Products Update

Sara Torrey
Allard Buijze
Steven van Beelen
Steven van Beelen

This episode continues the "State and Future of AxonIQ" presentation by the AxonIQ CTO, Allard Buijze, and friends at our conference in September. 
This presentation highlighted some changes within AxonIQ as a company, as well as the products in the past two years and moving forward. 

In this second portion of the talk, Allard and Steven van Beelen (Axon Framework's lead developer) spoke about Axon Framework, its newest edition, and what is to come next. 
In the next episode (and the last portion of the presentation), the Axon Server team will discuss the newest additions to the server and their plans for future release(s). Allard will also present Axon Synapse, our newest product. 


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