Set Based Validation & Sagas in Axon Framework

Yvonne Ceelie
Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey

In this episode, Sara spoke to her colleague Yvonne Ceelie about Set Based Validation and Sagas in Axon Framework. 

Yvonne covers the following with regards to Set Based Validation:

  • Definitions of a 'set' and 'set based validation'
  • An example of Set Based Validation
  • Two models in CQRS: Command and Query Models
  • How to ensure consistency
  • Aggregates and consistency rules in aggregates
  • Parameter resolvers?

Yvonne covers the following with regards to Saga: 

  • Similarities and differences between Sagas and Aggregates
  • Sagas in Axon vs. Saga database patterns - the new name for Sagas in Axon 
  • Managing complex business processes
  • Annotations for Saga
  • Test fixtures for Sagas in Axon Framework
  • Things to keep in mind when using Sagas

Yvonne has a blog about Set Based Validation coming up soon that you can find here. You can also find the code samples for Set Based Validation here

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