Set Based Validation & Sagas in Axon Framework

Yvonne Ceelie
Yvonne Ceelie
Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey

In this episode my colleague Yvonne Ceelie and I talked about Set Based Validation and Sagas in Axon Framework. 

We discussed:

Set Based Validation

  • What is a 'set' and what is the meaning of 'set based validation'?
  • What about an example?
  • Two Models in CQRS: Command and Query Models
  • How can we ensure consistency?
  • Aggregates and consistency rules in Aggregates
  • How about Parameter Resolvers?


  • Similarities and differences between Sagas and Aggregates
  • Sagas in Axon vs. Saga database patterns - the new name for Sagas in Axon 
  • Managing complex business processes
  • Annotations for Saga
  • Test fixtures for Sagas in Axon Framework
  • Some things to keep in mind when using Sagas

Yvonne has a blog about Set Based Validation coming up soon that you can find here. You can also find the code samples for Set Based Validation here

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