Message Routing Patterns & Protocols in Axon Server

Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey
Sara Pellegrini
Sara Pellegrini
Milan Savic
In this episode I spoke with my two colleagues Sara Pellegrini and Milan Savic. Sara and Milan have been working closely together on developing Axon Server and Axon Framework for the past four years. We discussed different types of messages (commands, events, and queries) as well as Message Routing Patterns. We discussed the various protocols used to route these messages by Axon Server, such as gRPC and HTTP. 
We discussed possible communication challenges, such as latency (benefits and drawbacks), backpressure, and flow control. We also touched on Cluster configuration and Raft protocol. 
For more information on Clustering in Axon Server and Raft Protocol please listen to my previous talk with Milan.  
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Connect with Sara on LinkedIn and Twitter

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