Harbormaster & AxonIQ: A Partnership - Part 2

Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey
Steven Randolph
This is the second part of my conversation with Steven Randolph, the founder and CEO of Harbormaster. Harbormaster is a techstack agnostic application generator that gives developers control over what is needed and what can be modified when generating their applications. Steven shared his learning experience and what helped him design this generator. He also explained how he helps clients and their teams navigate how they can benefit from this generator. 
In this part, Steven explained more about the yaml file and how it can help the deployment process with Harbormaster. We also talked about how flexible the generator is for various use cases and how it can be customized. We also discussed how the AxonIQ Initializer and Harbormaster can join efforts or what each project can be used for, and lastly, what’s in the pipeline for future growth in our partnership.  
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