Event Modeling with Adam Dymitruk

Adam Dymitruk
Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey

In this episode I talked with Adam Dymitruk, the creator of Event Modeling. Listen until the end for a great surprise, Adam has for you all.

In this episode Adam and I discussed:

  • the entire process of Event Modeling with some examples and details
  • the ideas behind the concept of Event Modeling
  • some of the differences between Event Storming and Event Modeling
  • Event Modeling storyline and swimlanes
  • The importance of UI/UX 
  • Patterns - Scenes of a Movie
  • Components of Event Modeling
  • Input/Output
  • States
  • Limitations
  • Given-When-Then
  • State Change and State View
  • Translation Patterns
  • Automation
  • Cost and Agile Programming
  • Blueprint

We then talked about some of the activities that are keeping him busy, within the next few months: A 40-Hour Virtual Workshop, His Book and Teaching Event Modeling at the University of Victoria

Also here is a list of some great resources: 

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