Data Protection Module

Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey
Yvonne Ceelie
Yvonne Ceelie

In this episode, I spoke with my colleague and the lead developer of AxonIQ Cloud, Yvonne Ceelie, about protecting sensitive data in event-sourced applications. 

We discussed what sensitive data is and why it can be challenging to protect it in distributed, message-driven systems. We talked about ways of encrypting your data, such as Crypto Shredding and where the data is stored. 

Yvonne introduced the Data Protection Module using Axon Framework. We talked about Crypto Engine and how it can be implemented. We also covered the JPACryptoEngine and the VaultCryptoEngine in our talk. We discussed how we can meet the “right-to-be-forgotten requirements” in Event-Driven systems. And lastly, Yvonne explained how to use the DP Module without Axon Framework, and the necessary annotations.

This talk highlighted Yvonne’s blog, “Protect sensitive data in an Event-Sourced Application”. You can read her blog and look at her code samples here


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