CQRS & Event Sourcing in Telecommunication Sector

Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey
Pieter Pabst

In this episode, I spoke with the product and platform CTO at TechMahindra, a large Indian Telecommunication sector, Pieter Pabst. Pieter is responsible for Blue Marble which is an e-commerce software solution for telecommunication companies, as well as a configured price quote omnichannel sales platform, which provides customers with a self-service platform for buying or subscribing to a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits are mobile billing, cable tv channels, a headset purchase on credit, and much more. These benefits change and update regularly and many times these versions of subscriptions need to co-exist and be updated simultaneously, which in turn add to the complexity of the models and applications. 

Blue Marble system is also integrated into the telco’s business support system and operation support which allows the customers to self-activate and use a self-service interface with chatbot capability when help is needed. 

Considering all that is required of this platform Pieter explained the beginnings of Blue Marble and how it evolved from a monolithic system into microservices using CQRS and Event Sourcing. He walked me through the decision-making process and how his team began by making their own in-house implementations of CQRS and event-sourced applications and eventually choosing to use libraries and frameworks, such as Axon Framework. He also explained why they decided to use Axon Server enterprise edition. We also discussed dealing with privacy and how they manage to handle sensitive data. 

Lastly, Pieter talked about the future of telecommunication and some of the services that use event sourcing, such as machine learning, and 5G technology. I hope you enjoy this talk! 


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