Collaborative Modeling 2.0

Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey
Evelyn van Kelle
S2 E5 - Kenny Baas-Schwegler
Kenny Baas-Schwegler

In this episode I spoke with Evelyn van Kelle and Kenny Baas-Schwegler,  who work together as a socio-technical organizational designer and a software architect. 

Evelyn and Kenny work together in consulting tech companies in finding better ways when designing systems, while working smoothly in teams, and when needed, resolving conflicts. We discussed the definition of “The Vicious Cycle of Unsustainable Software Development”, we talked about the priorities when designing systems in DDD, RDD, and more. We also talked about how to recognize goals and values in teams, biases, the process of slow and fast thinking, managing priorities, and much more. This was a really great conversation and I hope you enjoy it, and let’s have a listen. 

Evelyn and Kenny teach various workshops to help teams identify the important decisions when designing software systems. They do this by helping teams find a safe space to communicate and make decisions together. They use techniques such as visual collaborative practices, Deep Democracy and Cynefin framework. 

We finished our conversation with the importance of conflict, and ways of resolving it. Kenny shared some great ways of facing conflicts and techniques of tackling this uncomfortable topic in every team with me.

You can learn more about Evelyn on her website and to learn more about Kenny visit his website

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