Bounded Context vs. Aggregate

Sara Torrey
Sara Torrey
Ivan Dugalic
Ivan Dugalic

In this episode, I spoke with Ivan Dugalic, our lead Solutions Architect at AxonIQ. Ivan has worked closely with many companies helping them design and model their complex applications. One of the topics that regularly comes up is the difference between bounded context and aggregate. We discussed the meaning of bounded context and aggregate and how they are related to one another. We also talked about ubiquitous language, patterns, heuristics, entities, sagas, and much more during our talk.

Ivan and I wrote a series of blogs called “From (event)Model to Code” and we recently presented a workshop at the JCON conference. Many of these topics of this talk were closely discussed in our blogs and we hope to have more resources in the near future to help folks learn and understand these concepts more quickly and easily. 


You can find our blog series below:
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