Attribute-Based Access Control

Sara Torrey
Dominic Heutelbeck
Dominic Heutelbeck

In this episode, Sara speaks with computer science professor Dominic Heutelbeck about Attribute-Based Access Control. Dominic leads the FTK (Forschungsinstitut für Telekommunikation und Kooperation e.V.) Research Institute in Dortmund, Germany.

In the first portion of their talk, Dominic explains what access control is and its importance. He also explains what Attribute-Based Access Control is and why one would want to use it. He explains policies, differences between traditional ABAC and existing standards, such as XACML, and much more.

In the next portion of their conversation, Dominic will explain how ABAC can be used to secure Axon-based applications.

Below are some resources to learn more about our topic of conversation and Dominic's research:

FTK Institute:
SAPL Website:
SAPL Playground:
SAPL Demos (Including Axon Demo) on GitHub:

Connect with Dominic on LinkedIn and GitHub

Connect with Sara on LinkedIn and Twitter


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