Meet-up Stuttgart

Stuttgart Cloud Foundry Meetup

Jun 2, 2022
16:00 - 22:00 CEST

Cloud Foundry outcomes and more on Kubernetes

When it comes to developing and deploying your mission-critical apps, Cloud Foundry continues to offer enterprise organizations an unparalleled combination of developer convenience, operational stability, comprehensive security, and multi-cloud consistency. To provide Cloud Foundry outcomes on the new infrastructure abstraction standard Kubernetes, VMware brought the magic of “cf push” to it via cf-for-k8s. In the meantime, the CF Community moved on to CF Korifi to implement the CF API on Kubernetes. VMware received positive feedback for the approach of evolving the CF codebase towards Kubernetes, but there was an ask for an architectural approach that fits better into the declarative design of the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Therefore VMware decided for its commercial strategy to create a new modular, application-aware platform based on existing and new OSS products available in the Kubernetes ecosystem. Soon, the platform will also provide CF API compatibility via the CF Korifi project for migration purposes. This session aims to update you about VMware’s efforts to bring Cloud Foundry outcomes and more to Kubernetes."

"The harsh reality of Event Sourcing - mitigated with Spring and Axon on Tanzu Application Platform We build it, you wreck it! CQRS and Event Sourcing is powerful, but also hard. We'll demonstrate the dark side of event sourcing in production. Before all hope seems lost, we'll look at how we can leverage Spring Boot, Axon, and Tanzu Application Platform to circumvent these pitfalls. During this session, we will show some of Spring Boot's features that help ensure a smoothly running, observable workload. We'll deploy our application in a real production environment and declaratively connect our applications to the services we need. We'll scale out using Knative and lastly, we'll see how Spring Boot Autoconfiguration makes configuration of complex solutions easy and boring…. Beware! This session isn't just theoretical. We love production. Really, we do. But it will be harmed during this session, and you will help us do it."

Meetup Agenda & Speaker Line up 

18:00 Start, open doors & get together

18:30 Intro: Matthias Haeussler (Organizer, Novatec)

18:45 Talk: “Cloud Foundry outcomes and more on Kubernetes” - Timo Salm (VMware)

19:30 Food & Drinks

20:00 Talk: "The harsh reality of Event Sourcing - mitigated with Spring and Axon on Tanzu Application Platform" - Allard Buijze (AxonIQ) & David Caron (VMware)

21:00 More Food & Drinks :-)

22:00 The End



Allard Buijze
Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Allard is a global thought-leader on event sourcing. He is a recognised expert with more than 20 years experience, including microservices, event sourcing and event-driven architecture. Allard advocates for better collaboration between developers and business.
Allard Buijze