Intro to Event-Driven, DDD, CQRS & ES, Sogeti Java Meetup

Oct 18, 2023
18:00 - 19:00 GMT+1
online event

Welcome back to another edition of the online Java Meetup!

In this edition we are joined by one of our partners to share their expertise on a subject that will help all of us build better solutions.

So join our one-hour hands-on webinar, where Gerard will provide a quick introduction to the basics of Axon.

This talk will introduce you to various software architectural concepts, such as DDD, CQRS, and Message-Driven Architecture, and we will explain the basics of the Axon Framework.

You'll be provided with some practical examples during the presentation.

Gerard Klijs is a developer at AxonIQ. In previous projects, he has worked a lot with Apache Kafka.

He works on the Axon Framework and some extensions, like the Kafka and Mongo extensions. He also likes to dabble in technology and languages like Rust, WebAssembly, GraphQL, and gRPC.

Gerard Klijs
Software Engineer. With over 10 years of experience as a backend engineer, Gerard Klijs is a contributor to several GraphQL libraries, and also the creator and maintainer of a Rust library to use Confluent Schema Registry. He has an interest in event sourcing and CQRS and likes sharing knowledge via blogs, talks, and demo projects.
Gerard Klijs