Public Meetup Talk

Month of QA - Second Edition

Jun 20, 2023
18:00 - 22:00 CEST
Madrid, Spain

Month of QA - Second Edition is a free event made by the community for the community with the aim of sharing knowledge. This is an event to talk about QA with 10 speakers distributed in the nine sessions made up of five communities participating.

Hey Debugger! Follow that message! Presented by David Gomez Garcia.

When we talk about software quality there are many things at stake and many related activities. In current distributed systems, with different components relating remotely through message passing (many times asynchronously), it is often difficult to keep track of what is happening in our system. And it is possible that, in the face of a bug, or an unexpected result, we find ourselves in the situation of having to chase that message through the different jumps, just like in the police movies of the 90s when the one who was chasing got in the taxi and said "Follow that car!"

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David Gómez G.
Senior Developer Advocate. David is an experienced software developer and Java specialist instructor. A respected developer advocate, his experience includes sectors as diverse as banking, defence, services and retail, maritime and ground transport.
David Gómez G.