DevOpsCon New York

Sep 26 - Sep 29, 2022
09:00 - 05:00 EST
New York

AxonIQ at the DevOpsCon New York

Every September, DevOpsCon New York is the meeting place for DevOps enthusiasts and the most important players in the software industry!

Over the past two years, we were one of the first in the industry to develop a hybrid concept. We have continued improving it so that the lively exchange of knowledge and ideas that DevOpsCon stands for is now possible both on-site and online.

You have the choice of attending the conference on-site or online from your home or office. In order to perfectly include all interested parties, DevOpsCon New York will be streamed live with all parallel tracks—with professional, frequently-tested video technology

That’s not all. You can also get in touch with DevOpsCon speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for networking opportunities, your business, and to get inspiration for your projects, even if you aren’t on-site!

As you can see: thanks to the innovative program, the upcoming DevOpsCon New York provides the ideal framework for extensive networking, exchanging experiences, and your future successful projects. Whether on-site in New York or digitally—the choice is yours!

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Vijay Nair
Architect, DDD, CQRS, and event sourcing evangelist. Vijay is author of "Practical Domain-Driven Design with Enterprise Java" and a prolific writer and presenter on DDD, CQRS, and event sourcing.
Vijay Nair