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Developer Week Latin America 2023

Jun 21 - Jun 22, 2023
10:00 - 16:00 GMT-3

DeveloperWeek Latin America 2023 is the largest virtual software developer conference & expo dedicated to Latin America’s tech community. Come join 2,000+ engineering professionals and technical practitioners & leaders from across Latin America as the community gathers for two days of education & networking — Virtual Conference & Workshops, a 2-day Virtual Expo, the Online Hackathon, 1:1 Networking, and more.

DeveloperWeek Latin America 2023 is the hub of the Latin America developer community: We will be showcasing 100+ technical speakers from Latin America and the world’s top technology companies and corporate engineering teams, inviting attendees from over 1,000+ companies to take part in Latin America’s largest developer & engineering conference & expo.

Building Monoliths That Could Scale (Easily) To Microservices (Only If They Need To) by David Gomez G.

Today, many projects and applications are started with the goal of deploying them in the cloud in order to support a large requests load and to be prepared to scale easily. When we look at large projects and get carried away by fads (or the hype), it's easy to fall into the temptation to start designing your entire application with a microservices architecture... Because, you know, that's what everyone's doing, right? But... Are microservices an end in themselves, or a means to an end?

In this talk, we'll take a different approach: we'll go back to basics, look at the journey rather than the destination, and see how following DDD, CQRS, and event-sourcing practices will allow us to design and evolve our application starting with the simplicity of a monolith, but giving it the ability to scale to microservices when (and most importantly, only when) we need it.

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David Gómez G.
Senior Developer Advocate. David is an experienced software developer and Java specialist instructor. A respected developer advocate, his experience includes sectors as diverse as banking, defence, services and retail, maritime and ground transport.
David Gómez G.