Introduction Webinar

AxonIQ Console - insights into Axon Framework & Axon Server

Jan 30, 2024
16:00 - 17:00 CET

Explore the power of AxonIQ Console in our upcoming one-hour webinar! 

AxonIQ Console streamlines the complexities of enterprise application infrastructure by offering a unified platform for insight, management, control, and reporting for Axon. Uncover the seamless integration with your Axon Framework application and Axon Server environment, regardless of its deployment location.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Introduction to AxonIQ Console
    • High-over monitoring for Axon Framework and Axon Server.
  • Detailed Overview
    • Explore AxonIQ Console features and subscription options.
  • Live Demos
    • Axon Server cluster connection and Axon Framework application functionality
    • Navigate AxonIQ Console’s functionality, like workspaces, environments, and user management.


Did you miss the webinar and want to catch up? The recording is available here


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Steven van Beelen
Lead Developer - Axon Framework. Steven has a keen interest in Axon Framework and how it approaches software architecture. He helps small and large clients build Axon applications, provides training, develops the framework and is active in the Axon community. Broader interests include domain driven design, messaging patterns and event sourcing.
Steven van Beelen