Introducing Axon Server 2024.0

Introducing the Redesigned Axon Server UI

It's a big day for Axon Server fans.

Over time, the Axon Server User Interface (UI) has evolved to meet the growing needs of users, becoming more feature-rich – but also more complex. To address this, we've completely redesigned the UI from scratch, taking into account user feedback and needs.

Accompanying the new UI, we're pleased to release new features in the 2024.0 release.

Notable UI Improvements and Features

  • Modern Look and Feel: The UI now has a sleek and modern design, in line with our product branding.

  • Simplified Overview Page: The configuration page has been removed, and information about nodes can now be accessed directly from the Overview page, which offers filtering and scaling options for large clusters.

  • Dedicated License Page: Keep track of license expiry dates and get an overview of available features for non-enterprise users.

  • Monitoring Page: Easily access important health information, view logs, and download diagnostic packages.

    • System Tasks: Quickly view and manage all running system tasks, allowing for easy cancellation if stuck. 

  • Search Event Store Page: Enjoy improved usability with features like removable columns, formatted code styles, event copying and exporting, and auto-composable queries.  

  • Command and Queries Pages: These pages have been completely revamped to provide a better overview of messages in the system, with filterable and downloadable heatmap stats.

    • Long-Running Commands Component: Identify commands running longer than 1 second and cancel them if needed.

  • Events Page Enhancements
    • Scheduled Events: This new page displays scheduled events, giving you the ability to cancel them.

    • Streams: With dev mode enabled, explore the experimental Streams page for persistent streams.

  • Applications Renamed to API Tokens: To better communicate the purpose of this page, we have renamed "Applications" to "API Tokens" within the UI.

  • Each token now includes an Online/Offline icon to indicate its usage and regenerate new tokens securely.

Additional Improvements

  • Support for wide screens
  • Dark/light themes
  • Connection issue detection
  • Health issue detection
  • Early event processor issue detection
  • Embedded documentation snippets

We invite you to explore the new Axon Server UI and experience the improved functionalities firsthand.

How to upgrade to Axon Server 2024.0

Axon Server 2024.0 uses an updated version of the H2 database to store the Control DB. This is required to solve some issues in the H2 version used in previous Axon Server versions.

For complete instructions on how to upgrade, head to our library.


Axon Server 2024.0 is a leap into our future with a completely redesigned user interface that offers a modern look and feel.

We encourage everyone to try out the new Axon Server release and experience the enhanced functionalities and user interface firsthand. Check it out, and be sure to leave us some feedback!

Stefan Dragisic
Senior Software Engineer Stefan has years of experience and passion to software architecture, reactive programming and JVM technologies.
Stefan Dragisic