Five reasons to attend AxonIQ conference 2023

AxonIQ Conference 2023 is Thursday, September 28 in Amsterdam. Yes, it is a physical, not a virtual conference, and it’s being held in one of the most vibrant cities at an iconic Amsterdam location, Pakhuis de Zwijger. Here are five reasons not to miss this year’s conference.

1. Networking opportunities

Rub shoulders with fellow developers, architects, engineers, and industry experts from around the world and build a valuable professional network that can benefit your career for years to come. AxonIQ Conference 2022 welcomed more than 200 attendees from all over the world, and  we expect 300 attendees this year. This allows for ample opportunities to connect with like-minded peers over coffee, lunch or post-conference drinks.


2. Explore Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a thriving tech center, with a growing startup scene and a reputation as a leading European innovation hub. In 2022, Amsterdam ranked 2nd in the Digital Cities Index, which measures cities’ overall digital transformation (looking at connectivity, services, culture, and sustainability). The Dutch capital also ranks 5th in the world on the fDi x TNW Tech Cities of the Future 2021 ranking, which highlights the most promising European cities for startups, technology, and innovation investment. Rankings aside, Amsterdam is also known for its historic canals, with over 100 kilometers of waterways, and its charming architecture, with more than 7,000 registered historic buildings. Furthermore, it’s home to more than 75 museums, including the famous Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum, making it a cultural hotspot for art lovers. And finally, no trip to Amsterdam is complete for a beer lover without a tour of Heineken.

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3. Learn from industry experts

AxonIQ Conference 2023 features a diverse lineup of speakers that represent some of the top experts in their fields, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to attendees. Last year, the conference had over a dozen sessions, including keynote presentations, lightning talks and panel discussions, covering topics such as DDD, CQRS, event sourcing, microservices, event-driven architecture, and distributed systems, as well as cloud development and development strategies. And with the software field constantly evolving, you need the most up-to-date information on the latest trends, best practices, tools, and techniques to maintain a competitive edge. 

This year, among our keynote speakers is renowned Java Champion Josh Long – a prolific speaker, author, and developer advocate – best known for his passionate advancement of Java technologies and countless contributions to the open source community. Allard Buijze will join to deliver the keynote, “Axon’s Bootiful history.”

The conference will also include two concurrent tracks with even more content and real life stories. Hear from Segovia’s Malin Litwinski as she discusses how to develop a culture of reliability in your team with her talk, “Empathy: the secret sauce of resilience.” Or attend Tom Clabon’s talk, “iManage’s journey to building a robust multi-region application,” as he details his experience working with iManage. And don’t miss Edument’s Marc Klefter as he shares how and why to use event sourcing to power event-driven APIs in his talk, “Powering event-driven APIs with event sourcing.” These are just a few of the examples of real life stories that will be shared at the AxonIQ Conference.


4. Meet the experts

Have you only encountered Allard Buijze on a stage or on a screen, but hope to meet him someday in real life? Do you read blogs by Gerard Klijs and want to challenge a theory he put forth? Do you attend many of the conference talks and sessions that Milen Dyankov delivers and want to ask him a specific question? Do you want to ask a burning Axon Framework question of Steven van Beelen? Or do you want to better understand how the Axon Console works from Mitchell Herrijgers?

The AxonIQ Conference allows for that level of first name familiarity with experts in the event-driven space. Meet Axon engineers, partners, and real-life users. Talk to your favorite industry experts - and they may even allow you to take a selfie with them!


5. Attend a day early for an Unconference

DrivUn is taking place the day before the AxonIQ Conference at the same location. At Drivun, attendees will have the opportunity to explore and discuss different techniques, tools, and practices for building complex, distributed event-driven applications. This is your opportunity to collaborate, discuss, and share knowledge and experiences with fellow developers.

AxonIQ Conference 2023 offers a unique opportunity for you to network with professionals from around the world, learn from industry experts, master transformative concepts in software development, and stay updated with the latest trends in the field, all while exploring a vibrant city. Don't miss this enriching and rewarding experience. Early bird ticket pricing is available until September 20!



Ardan Thornhill
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Ardan Thornhill