AxonIQ Console Guide: Maximize Axon-Based App Performance


As Java developers, we often face the challenge of finding the right tool for the job. When creating massively scalable microservices applications, we definitely don’t want to build both the application and the tools to monitor it. 

If you’ve developed applications or services using Axon Framework, you understand the need for tools to show you how your messages (Commands,  Queries, and Events) are being dispatched and which services are acting as Handlers.

AxonIQ Console is designed to streamline the management of your Axon Framework applications and Axon Server instances. Whether you're a novice or an experienced developer, AxonIQ Console offers a range of features to enhance your productivity. Let’s dive into the key aspects of this tool.

Connecting Your Applications to AxonIQ Console

There's no magic involved here! For AxonIQ Console to see and manage your applications, you need to instrument your apps to report data to AxonIQ Console. Thankfully, we've made this process very straightforward:



  1. After creating an account and setting up your environment and workspace, navigate to the Applications tab.
  2. Follow the installation instructions for your Plain Java projects or Spring Boot applications.
  3. If you don't already have an Axon Framework application, follow the steps to install a Demo Application to see immediate activity in the console.

Once your application is set up, the Applications tab will display all discovered applications, giving you a clear overview of your environment.

 Actively Managing Your Handlers Within AxonIQ Console 

Handlers are services within your application that process specific types of messages, such as Commands, Queries, or Events. AxonIQ Console allows you to easily monitor and manage your Handlers by providing a clear overview of all methods annotated with handler annotations. This includes tracking the number of handlers in use, which is essential for optimizing your application's performance. By visualizing handler usage, you can identify bottlenecks and optimize the distribution of messages across your application's instances.

AxonIQ Console simplifies scaling your application's handler capacity. As your project grows and you need to add more Handlers, AxonIQ Console provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure Axon Server in a clustered environment and increase your Handlers for your application.

Easily Visualize the Message Flows Within Your Applications

AxonIQ Console can visualize message flows. By accessing the Message Flow tab, you can see a graphical representation of your environment's publishers and consumers. The color-coded arrows represent different types of messages:

  • Blue: Command Messages
  • Green: Query Messages
  • Red: Event Messages
  • Yellow: Deadline Messages


Additionally, the thickness of the arrows indicates the volume of messages, providing a clear and intuitive way to monitor your system's communication patterns.

We Value Your Privacy: Your Data is YOUR DATA

At AxonIQ, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data.

AxonIQ Console is designed with strict compliance to GDPR and CCPA regulations, ensuring that your data is handled with the utmost care and transparency. We understand the importance of data sovereignty, which is why we do not store customer data on our servers. Instead, we create anonymous metrics to provide historical insights, and these metrics are stored for no more than 30 days. This approach guarantees that your sensitive information remains under your control, and only you decide how it is used and managed.

Furthermore, AxonIQ Console uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all communications, ensuring that data transmitted between your applications and our servers is encrypted and secure. By default, the console does not send message payloads or IDs to our servers, protecting the integrity and confidentiality of your data. If you choose to enable the Dead Letter Queue (DLQ) functionality, only the necessary DLQ IDs and event payloads are retrieved for your review, and even then, this information is never stored on our servers.

With AxonIQ, you can confidently manage your applications, knowing that your data is protected and remains exclusively yours.


AxonIQ Console is an indispensable tool for Java developers working with Axon Framework, providing a comprehensive suite of features to streamline the management and monitoring of your applications.  We make it easy and straightforward to connect your applications, manage your handlers, and visualize your  message flows.  

AxonIQ Console simplifies the complexities of handling scalable microservices. By actively managing your handlers and ensuring optimal performance, this tool empowers you to focus on developing robust applications without the burden of creating your own monitoring tools from scratch.

For any further questions about AxonIQ Console, be sure to read our FAQ.

Ready to try it out? Start your journey to optimized Axon Framework app management today with our free 30-day trial of AxonIQ Console. 

Bruce Hopkins
Bruce Hopkins is a Technical Writer and Oracle Java Champion. He works for the Developer Relations team at AxonIQ.
Bruce Hopkins