Axon Server release 2023.1

We are pleased to introduce several updates and new features to Axon Server 2023.1. This blog highlights the new and enhanced features and explains how they contribute to the Axon Server user experience.

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New product features, updates, and enhancements

  • Event transformation
  • Forced client reconnection
  • Node removal from the cluster
  • Enhanced Memory Management
  • Disabled development mode
  • Unified Axon Server artifact

Event Transformation

Event Transformation is one of the new features we've introduced. Users can now execute specific event transformations, such as update and delete operations in the event store, via the Event Transformation API.

However, we'd like to stress the importance of maintaining the event store's immutability as a core principle of Axon Server. The new Event Transformation feature is designed to provide flexibility in rare instances where modifications are unavoidable, rather than being a regular tool for event manipulation. Embracing immutability helps ensure that event data remains consistent and reliable over time.

Forced client reconnection

To handle occasional connectivity issues more effectively, we've added an option to force a client reconnection directly from the application view. This update is designed to provide a practical and quick resolution to such issues, promoting seamless communication.

Node removal from cluster

The ability to remove a node from the cluster has been expanded to the User Interface (UI), in addition to its existing availability through the Command-Line Interface (CLI) and REST API. This update allows for more user-friendly and accessible node management.

Enhanced memory management
In an effort to optimize performance, we have updated Axon Server's approach to memory management for file resources. Prior to this release, Axon Server primarily depended on the Java garbage collector to reclaim memory used by memory-mapped files. With this update, memory management is now undertaken directly by Axon Server, enhancing efficiency in file resource usage.

Temporary adjustment to development mode

In this release, we have temporarily disabled the 'Development Mode/Event Purge' feature. Users should now utilize the 'Delete/Create Context' operation as an alternative. This change will remain in place until a more efficient solution is implemented.

Unified Axon Server artifact

In an effort to simplify the deployment process, we've updated Axon Server to release a single artifact, replacing the previously separate artifacts for the Standard and Enterprise edition.

Depending on the presence of a license, Axon Server will now automatically adjust. This allows users to experience the additional Enterprise functionality offered by using a free 30-day trial license, with the option to return to the Standard functionality if they find it best aligns with their requirements.


The recent updates to Axon Server have brought practical improvements to users. The Event Transformation feature is now available for occasional, necessary adjustments to event data. For improved system stability, users can force client reconnections directly from the application view, and node management has been extended to the UI for greater accessibility. Also, the switch to a single, unified Axon Server artifact simplifies the deployment process, whether you use JAR files or Docker images. Lastly, users can now seamlessly explore the benefits of the Enterprise functionality with a 30-day free trial before deciding on the version that best suits their needs. Download the temporary license here

Should I upgrade?
You can download the new release here Axon Server.

Questions? Contact us via our AxonIQ Discuss platform or directly here.

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