Axon Framework & Axon Server 4.6 - Out Now!

At AxonIQ, optimization is a core value. We constantly work to improve our frameworks and products – and we’ve achieved that once again.

Today, we’re pleased to release 4.6.0 of Axon Framework and Axon Server. The latest release brings a plethora of new features to make your life a bit easier. Let’s dive into what’s new!

Axon Framework

Axon Framework 4.6

Axon Framework 4.6.0 contains many often-requested features, including the Dead-letter Queue, streaming queries, Opentelemetry integration, and Jakarta support – so there’s something for everyone to be excited about.

Dead-Letter Queue

You may have experienced a stuck event processor due to a defective event or release in the past. The dead-letter queue is the solution for that. Axon Framework will now feature the dead-letter queue, which will park any faulty events and any following for the same sequence. Your event processor will no longer get stuck, and you can release a fix with less stress. You can read more about the dead-letter queue in this technical blog.

Streaming queries

Queries can return extensive collections, especially in cases of retrieving all entities of a certain type. Instead of using a Point-to-Point query, where you get the whole collection in a single response, a Streaming query can help you break it down. This allows Axon Server to stream a collection in a reactive way from server to client. You can read more about them in this blog.

OpenTelemetry support

OpenTracing is dead – long live OpenTelemetry! The OpenTracing standard is deprecated in favor of OpenTelemetry. With release 4.6.0, we’re introducing support for the new OpenTelemetry standard, as well as improved tracing support for many Axon Framework components. These enhancements will significantly enhance the insights you get from tracing. You can read about it in the reference guide.


The move from javax to Jakarta is a critical step for the future of Java. Now, Axon Framework has specific maven dependencies based on Jakarta instead of javax, so you can use the framework with any other framework that depends uses Jakarta. You can read more about it in this blog.

Replay context

When executing a replay, you can provide a reset context. Previously, you could only access this context during the reset. Now, this context is available during the entire replay. Want to learn more about replays & how they work? This blog contains everything you need to know. 

And there’s more!

4.6.0 brings fixes for multiple bugs & brings even more small features not outlined in this blog.  Eager to learn more? Check out the full release changelog on Github.

You can get Axon Framework 4.6.0 by upgrading the dependencies in your build file. Check out our download page for instructions on how to set this up.  


Axon Server

Axon Server 4.6

In addition to supporting certain features of Axon Framework, our engineers have worked diligently to improve Axon Server, our dedicated event store and messaging solution. 


Improved administration API

The new Axon Server release enhances the administration API, adding actions that your applications can do through the GRPC API. For example, creating a context from the API is now possible. Learn more about these added calls in the reference guide.

Multi-tenancy support

If your application has to serve the same functionality to different customers and data has to be saved separately, we got your back. With our new multi-tenancy extension, combined with the power of Axon Server Enterprise 4.6.0, this can now be easily achieved. You can read more about it in this blog.

Quality of life improvements

Axon Server 4.6.0 handles messages with a larger size more efficiently than previous versions. Find the full release notes here.

Download the new version of Axon Server right from our website.

Community contributions

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the Axon Framework and Axon Server release by contributing to the Github repositories. The following people have contributed to this release:

Have you ever thought about contributing, like these incredible people, but are unsure how to start? Reach out, and let us help you get started.

Wrapping up

Check out our reference guide for all information regarding Axon Framework and Axon Server. You can open a discussion on our Discuss platform if something remains unclear or isn’t explained in the reference guide.. We’re always more than happy to help! 

We hope you enjoy this new release and that it makes your life a little easier. Please open a Github issue or a discussion on our Discuss platform if you have any feedback!

Mitchell Herrijgers
Solutions Architect for Axon Framework at AxonIQ Mitchell is a software craftsman, passionate coder, and eager to learn. He likes complex challenges and he doesn't get discouraged easily. He is interested in the following topics; Kotlin/Java, Event-Sourcing / CQRS / Axon Framework, Cloud/AWS/Infrastructure as Code, and performance tuning. After his study, in Computer Science at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, he worked as a software engineer at ING Bank, Codecentric, and the Port of Rotterdam.
Mitchell Herrijgers