Building event-driven systems is hard

Let AxonIQ empower you.

We compared the old and new situation and saw a 2400% performance gain using the Axon stack.
Shopey Mossavar-Rahmani
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Large Swedish furniture retailer
Thanks to Axon Framework and Axon Server, we could focus on the business logic, and not worry about technicalities.
Laurent Thoulon
Senior Lead Engineer, Locala
Sept 22-23

The future is event-driven.

AxonIQ conference brings together a broad group of developers, tech leads, and architects from around the globe. It's the place to get an update on the latest tech developments related to Event-driven architecture, DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing.


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Together we’ll create auditable, scalable, and cost-effective software.

Beyond data for actionable insights
AxonIQ is append-only which means it records every change in your system in the context in which it occurred. This provides a complete and more meaningful audit trail which you can escale, replay or interrogate to answer questions unanticipated at the point of system design. You can also run forward for “what if” analysis insights to support business decision making. By subscribing to streams of events, different parts of the business can react to the latest data in real time.
Mission-critical, enterprise class software
Our technology offers highly efficient handling and storage of events. It's optimized and robust enough to ensure your commands, events and queries always flow, providing the trusted single source of truth in your system. We also offer multi-context support and separation for multi-tenanted scenarios, and enterprise-level data protection, encryption, and erasure.
Best in class performance and availability
AxonIQ is a responsive, scalable system, offering ultra-performance, regardless of volume of data stored. Our tiered storage, automatic clustering for geographic back-up, "no data loss guarantee", means you get fast manual and assisted disaster recovery capabilities.

Build event-based applications with us.

The AxonIQ offering is perfect for event-sourced Java application development. It allows you to change the way you design and deliver applications. You can create apps that can do things your regular apps can’t do.  

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