Modernizing Government Systems and Development Teams

This video was one of the sessions during our Event-Driven Microservices Conference 2020. Historically, governments have trouble adopting new ideas and technology. In an environment that traditionally favors monolithic RDMS modernization projects we leveraged the Axon Framework to implement Indiana’s first CQRS/ES microservice systems, backed by MongoDB and deployed to an on-premises Kubernetes cluster. We will discuss how in 15 months, while supporting six other live systems, our team implemented two new systems in parallel using the Axon Framework. In our presentation we will provide insight into how we did this by transforming our team to embrace DevOps, DDD, CQRS/ES, CI/CD, Containerization, and Automated Testing. In the face of government bureaucracy and limited resources we built trust by delivering constantly and driving costs down. This was only possible by implementing new processes, creating new habits, and changing our way of developing software. Come learn how these types of changes, supported by AxonIQ's software, will help your team deliver for your business.