A road story about using AxonServer in an enterprise context

This video was one of the sessions during our Event-Driven Microservices Conference 2020. This session is about using Axon and AxonServer in an enterprise context with multiple teams that work in parallel on quite a high number of applications that are depending on eachother. It's about the challenges we had to solve, or that we still are solving. And how we are doing this. Most of these hurdles will be there as well for other companies when they attempt to set up an event-driven, eventsourced microservice architecture with Axon(Server), and also - and definitely even more - when trying to do this without the help of Axon(Server). Our 2 year journey is not finished yet, we're still learning, so we don't pretend to have all of the answers. But we can already share some tips & tricks that worked for us.