Implementing Event-Driven Systems using DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing


Our trainers are marking improvements to this training. We invite you to download the training recordings in the meantime.

Learn the basics of Axon in a four-day training (three hours a day) and apply the knowledge directly through exercises.

This training covers DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing theory, explaining the basic concepts for implementing a service using Axon. It also demonstrates how to apply the non-functional requirements.

We will cover

Day 1: 
  • DDD and CQRS fundamentals
  • Command model
Day 2:
  • Event Handling and Projections
  • Sagas, Process Managers, and Deadlines
Day 3:
  • Snapshotting and Event Processors
  • Preparing for production
Day 4:
  • CQRS and Distributed Systems
  • Monitoring, Tracing, and Advanced Tuning


  1. Good understanding of the Java language
  2. A laptop with an IDE installed

The exercises will be explained and discussed at the beginning of the training. However, the attendees are expected to work on the exercises outside the training hours. Attendees can join a Slack channel for questions, available for three weeks from the first day of the training.


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Christian Vermorken

Software Engineer. For Axon Framework and an advocate for DDD, CQRS and event sourcing. Christian advocates the event-driven approach to free up organizations to focus on working for their customers.


Steven van Beelen

Lead Developer - Axon Framework. Steven has a keen interest in Axon Framework and how it approaches software architecture. He helps small and large clients build Axon applications, provides training, develops the framework and is active in the Axon community. Broader interests include domain driven design, messaging patterns and event sourcing.

steven van beelen