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AxonIQ Console

Insight and management for Axon Framework and Axon Server

AxonIQ Console is designed to get the most out of your Axon Framework application and Axon Server environment, no matter where it runs. Near-zero configuration is required.  AxonIQ Console simplifies a complex enterprise application infrastructure by providing insight, management, control, and reporting; all in one platform.

AxonIQ Console

AxonIQ Console is designed to evolve and enhance its functionalities over time and will cover all the products and services AxonIQ has to offer. Based on user feedback, we have designed a tool that provides insight into applications developed with Axon Framework that can run without or with our recommended Axon Server environment.

The "one-stop shop" for all initialization, configuration, insights, and monitoring of AxonIQ products. 


Benefits of AxonIQ Console

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One platform
Access to:

  • Axon Framework
  • Axon Server
  • AxonIQ Cloud (TBA)
  • GCP Marketplace (TBA)
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Quick and easy setup
Connect Axon Framework-based applications to Axon Server with just a few clicks, saving valuable time.

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Gain insight into all connected applications and server nodes.

  • Applications
  • Clusters
  • Event Processors
  • Message Handlers
  • Aggregates

Management features

Application metrics and monitoring

Optimize application performance

Overview of message flows

Scaling event processors

Message handler insights

Cluster node management

Management features (planned)

Axon Server on-premise

AxonIQ Cloud

Google Cloud Marketplace

Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

AxonIQ Console gives me a clear overview of what is going on in my Axon applications and provides tips on what I can improve.”

Mitchell Herrijgers

Solutions Architect, AxonIQ

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