Hi there,

This is us. Our colors, our logos, our style. We'll have a better introduction here later.

No brown M&M's

Or: mind the details

When Van Halen went on tour, they demanded the venues to provide a bowl of M&M's backstage, with all the brown ones removed.

They had a lot of equipment, and pyrotechnics that could be life-threatening if not installed correctly. The band needed to be sure the venue would mind the details and follow the instructions, even if they didn't know the reasoning behind them.

So if they found brown M&M's in the bowl, they knew they needed to check the setup before starting the show.

Our visuals are our bowl of M&M's. We deliver complicated software for mission-critical purposes. If we can't get our websites or documents right to the smallest details, how can the customer trust us to get the software right?


Primary colors





















The AxonIQ logo is our primary identifier and should be used in all communication. Use the dark version on light backgrounds and the light version on dark backgrounds.
The logos for our different products: Axon Framework, Axon Server, AxonIQ Cloud, Axon Data Protection, and Axon.
The logos for our services: AxonIQ Academy, Axon Dev Portal and AxonIQ Discuss.


Do use our logos in isolation, to indicate or promote our products.


Don’t use the logos in a sentence, or to replace the brand or product name.

Don’t create hybrid or combined logos.

Don’t stretch, rotate, recolor or manipulate our logos.

Don’t use the icon in isolation. The product icon can be used if the full logo has been introduced on the same slide/web page/document/etc.

Axon Server logo

We have different logos for Axon Server Standard, Axon Server Enterprise and Axon Server. If you refer to a specific version, use the corresponding logo. If you need to refer to Axon Server in general, or functionality that is available in either version, use the Axon Server Generic logo.


H1 - Main header 

Lato Black | Font size 40 | Line height 48 | Ox
The main header is used once on a page, to communicate the title or subject.

H2 - Secondary header

Lato Light | Font size 36 | Line height 44 | Ox or a primary color
The secondary header can be used multiple times on a page, to indicate chapter titles.

H3 - Section header

Lato Black | Font size 24 | Line height 30 | Ox or a primary color
The section header can be used multiple times on a page, to indicate section headers.

H4 - Paragraph header

Lato Black | Font size 18 | Line height 28 | Ox
The paragraph header can be used multiple times on a page, to indicate paragraph headers.

P - Paragraph text

Lato Regular | Font size 18 | Line height 28 | Ox
Used for paragraph text.